Friday, April 13, 2012

Trend - Jelly Shoes!!!

Jelly shoes were around when I was a child (3-4 years old?). I remember they were the ones that looked "strappy", with half inch heel and a buckle. I think I had the clear color one, look to the left!!! AHHHHH  Haha Don't ask how I remember this.

Well, I never thought of it as a trend and I believe it died out once I started elementary school. Now I see it back but not in the same way as how I remembered it.  Wells, except the fashion forward TOPSHOP store, other brands are playing it safe with the current flats and colorful trend~

It looks great for rainy days (not thunderstorm) or play in the sprinklers, especially since your shoes will dry quicker and so will your feet.   Keep in mind to make sure the sole is non-slip if you want to wear it for wet play/days.  :-)

Every time I see them in stores its looking cuter and cuter. Here's one by Missoni, looks like candy?   I'm Loving IT!!  I think it might also be the wonderful colors that I'm seeing them in.  A good brand that makes these really cute is MEL by Melissa. I've included some of her shoes in my selections. 

Looks like a good knock off of the Valentino version below. LOve it~

The intricacy of the bow~

<------ I HEART YOU

Cute studs~

Like the design but maybe another color butterfly?


I put this in because it looks funny. Not sure if I'll be up for this. Looks like it's made of wax?  Maybe I'll like it more if it was in pink or nude.


  1. I think they look cute but I dunno how comfy they would be D:. I tagged you in an 11 questions tag! :D

  2. i love melissa and mel by melissa. their shoes make your feet smell like heaven! the valentino couture is very cute!