Monday, April 9, 2012

the Shoe Stretcher.. my savior~

Don't you hate it when you just bought a pair of the cutest shoes, but when you actually wear it for a couple of hours, your feet hurts? Don't you hate having to break them in! :-) So last year, my sister had the greatest idea of investing in one of those shoe stretchers. Greatest idea ever!! Now why haven't we thought of that earlier!!

So I got the women's shoe stretcher size 5-8 in the mail and quickly tried it on this pair of shoes that I got for a year and still haven't broken into. I left it in there for 3 days and stretched it to the max (subjective to your needs). I only had problems with the right foot (maybe my right foot is bigger? or is it the shoe? ) I had problems around the big toe area and they have little knobs to insert into different holes around the wooden shoe stretcher for areas that needs an extra stretch (see picture). After 3 days, I tried the shoes it was slightly loose. uh oh? No worries! After you let it sit for a couple of hours it goes back a little.

Some of my shoes needs to be stretched a couple of times or periodically and some were perfect after the first stretch. I guess some materials are harder or more stubborn to stretch?

The shoe stretcher is necessity in any shoe lover's closets. Don't let those expensive pair go to waste!!! It was my shoe savior~

With this type of shoe stretcher, you can stretch the width, the length and particular area/s of needs (black knob).  It worked best with my flats, sneakers, sandals and basically any flat or medium heel (I'm guessing up to 3 inches?) shoes; see red and gold shoes.  As for my high heels, it only stretched the width because I couldn't get it in the arch to stretch the length; see the taupe bootie below(see back heel piece couldn't go in!) I'm guessing shoe stretchers may work better on high heels if the shoe is in a bigger size, as my shoes are all size 6.

I got mine from Amazon in the link below with free shipping~

Here's a guilty pleasure~ :-P


  1. I need to get myself one of those, seems great for my flats!

  2. the shoe stretcher is no longer available.... =(