Sunday, April 8, 2012

Loafer trend

What do you guys think about the loafers? I see them showing up more in stores. I'm thinking of getting a pair for myself, but I can't help thinking of my grandmother when I try them on at the stores. Not a bad thing, but nostalgia kicks in and I begin to really miss her(she's in Asia).  I can't help thinking about how fashionable my grandmother may be in the old days. :-) Anyways, as I was shoe shopping at Macy's the other day, I find myself walking closer and closer into the mature women's section, in search of a cute loafer. HAHA. My friend couldn't find me after a while.

They are comfort shoes and I'm glad the popularity of comfort shoes is on the rise within the young and fashionable group, as it is hard to walk around with 5 inch heels or flats with no support.  YAY to comfort shoes!!

Here are my favorites!

Cute AK Ann Klein loafer. I love the color and the bow!!

This one really reminds me of my grandmother. I can't help but loving this pair!!!!

This one you guys probably seen around. I like it, but for some reason it's not that comfy and it hurts my bones. Maybe it's not made for my feet?

This one really appeals to me. I think it's because it's pointed.

Reminder, Macy's shoe sale is ending today. 
1 pair 15% off
2 pairs 20% off
3 pairs+ 30% off

Here are some loafers at Macy's website. I don't think they have much selection online.  Please go to the stores for more selection.  Also note, stores close early on Sundays.

More loafers at Macy's...