Sunday, April 8, 2012

Men's Chambray Trend!

The Chambray utility look is back!! It is inspired by the early to mid 1900s of the working class men.  I am seeing many Chambray shirts in the market for men's this spring and coming summer.  I like the rugged look that makes the men of all shapes and
sizes look like labor-men, similar to how these shirts, known for its durability, came to be.  The top image is by Polo Ralph Lauren.  The comparable and affordable alternative is, to the left, by J Crew. 

(Please note, Chambray is not the same as denim. Denim is in a twill weave while Chambray is in plain weave.  They look similar due to their similar washing techniques.)

Also I noticed nice Chambray linen shorts!!

****Please do not wear the chambray shirt with a chambray shorts.****

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