Saturday, April 7, 2012

High-Low Silhouette

Hi-Lo~ I went from flowing tops to the silhouette that looks like my hair being blown. haha. I meant the hi-lo trend.  I really like the subtle versions of the hi-lo silhouette.  (It literally looks like my hair in 1 piece laying on my back and when there's wind or when I walk, the tail/hair part acts like a cape. Okay too much imagination ) Currently I'm just shopping around for this trend. Got several pieces already!  Hi-lo tops are great with leggings, cropped pants, skinny jeans, so basically anything tight fitting on the bottom. If it is a dress you can wear them with pretty much any summery shoes. I prefer sandal wedges or flat strappy sandals.  Here's a picture of one of my hi-lo tops.   I got this piece from Century 21 Department store around my area. It is by Willow & Clay.

(Yes I need to clean out the back of my door. :-\ )

Favorites from Forever21~

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  1. Your outfit looks familiar... =) very cute!