Friday, October 14, 2011


Red is the new Black.  I see shots of color in stores this fall and RED seems to be the IT color.  And I'm loving the red skirts, red belts, red pants, red SHOES and red dresses.

Here is a look at a few items I'm loving in tones of red~

This dress takes the bondage sexiness, simple easy to wear, partial backless and finally REDish tone into a whole new level. At a price of $24.80.

Red pants!!! I'm kinda tired of neutral, tonal jeans, or grayish pants.  Last season was neutrals, nudes and everyone has a khaki or beige pants. It's time for some brights.  This red pants gives a nice kick to the outfit~ The rise is pretty high so it gives a good support for the tushie and stomach.  Pants last a lifetime so dishing out $34.95 is well worth it.

Nine West Red peep toe wedge~
I like these types of peep toe wedges.  They show off my manicured toes and they are easy to walk around to work and around work.  I wear this with jeans and tee shirt. It's simple and yet classy.  I look everywhere and only found them at DSW.  This are from Nine West and called Peggfo in Poppy Red for $59.95.

You can see I haven't mentioned red shirts. So far I'm not digging red shirts or tops, at least I haven't found one that I like. So if I do, I'll post it up.  Also, I greatly suggest not wearing too much red in one outfit, it can be blinding and over the edge.  So all in all, less is more and giving your outfit with shots of reddish tones is the way to go~ But I don't predict red being out of hand in the spring, unlike like pieces of lace became everything lace now. :-) I heart lace tho. keke

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