Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Crackle French Nails

CRACKLE CRACKLE!!! Here is a simple idea of crackling french nails.  I was fond of the crackling that I see in beauty stores, so I gave it a try~ This was taken on my iphone 3G (i'm old school) so it's blurry.  But I'll be receiving my 4GS soon in the mail. Can't wait for clearer pictures and SIRI~

Here is what I used:

From left to right:
Sally Hanson - Diamond Strength
2012 - Crackled Nail Polish
love & beauty - clear (that's what the label say but it has tiny colorful glitter)

I bought the 2012 at a local beauty store and love & beauty at forever 21 store. They have many glittery nail polish that I adore~

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