Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I'm crazy about leopard prints these days. I see them everywhere, all over the streets, shops, homes and people.  They are on jackets, shoes, leggings, socks, eyes, lips, etc. So, I thought maybe I'll try them on my fingers. :-) It came out pretty neat~ Unfortunately I didn't take much pictures of it.  This one was the only one that came out pretty clear.

Here are the nail polish and gem stone I used.

from left to right:
Sally Hanson - Diamond Strength (any strong and shiny clear)
Essie - waltz ( you can use any white or off-white color)
Nail Art Pen & Brush - Black
Nail Art Pen & Brush - (hot pink-ish color - sorry the sticker came off :-( )

Amazing Shine - 2 cm gems

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