Monday, April 16, 2012

Nail Inspiration - Glitzy White

New nail design. It's something I just randomly did. I got comments that it looks good for weddings. :-)

(please do NOT look at my pimple :-( ... to many impurities to cover!! )

 Here is what I used.
  • Base/bottom - Essie Vinyl Bikini
  • Silver glitter - Sephora by OPI's : Are You Glistenin?
  • White nail polish - Q Nail Art Pen & Brush in white
  • Top Coat - Seche Vite: Dry Fast Top Coat

  • Prep your nails by cutting, filing, etc.  
  • Apply base coat.  
  • Apply silver glitter polish on the tip of the nails.  Try to mix some big and small glitter. The line doesn't need to be straight or in any particular shape, just make sure it's all at the tips.  Will need to apply the silver a couple of times to make sure it is not see through. I applied 3 layers on each nail. Let the silver dry for a bit then proceed. 
  • Use a white nail polish with a thin brush and draw random strokes to cover where the silver and plain nail meets.
  • Add some dots.
  • Let dry for a little bit.
  • Apply top coat.

Sorry, couldn't find the Opi polish but here's a good alternative.

Best TOP COAT!!! On sale at Sally Beauty for $5.99! I got mine for $7.50.

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